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1. How palm Leaf Plates are made?

    Palm Leaf Products are made from Areca Palm Tree.


• Naturally, fallen palm leaves are handpicked.

• Collecting the fallen palm tree sheath and ready to transport.

• Transporting the collected palm leaf sheath to the manufacturing unit.

• Each palm sheath is rinsed with fresh water to remove the dust and dirt.

• Heating and pressing to give a desired shape to the palm leaf plates and bowls

• Trimming the edges for a smooth finish.

• Cleaning with the cloth to wipe out the dust before packaging.

• Wrapping the palm leaf products according to the count in boxes

• Our packages are ready for the delivery and meet the customers.



2. Can I use the leaf plates in the microwave and in the fridge and freezer?

Yes, the palm leaf plates can be used in the Microwave for up to 2 minutes.



3. What are the benefits of using Palm leaf plates?

Palm leaf plates are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable. These palm leaf plates are "Nature’s Gift" and better replacement of Anti-Environment plastics or polymers. These plates are perfect for restaurants, weddings, parties and other events.



4. Shall we use these plates for catering purpose?

Yes, Disposable palm leaf plates are best suited for catering, weddings, parties, picnics, celebrations, environmentally friendly event and others.



5. Does your manufacturing process of Palm leaf plates dedicated to any deforestation?

Leaftrend always care for the environment, every little bit counts. During the manufacturing of palm plates and bowls, no trees are being cut. Palm leaf plates are made from handpicked fallen leaves from palm trees. Thus the palm leaf plates are 100% natural and eco-friendly.



6. What is the color of these Palm leaf plates? Do they available in any other color?

Palm leaves are generally in beige or brown color. As no coloring agents are used during the manufacturing process, it comes in the natural color of the palm leaf.



7. What makes palm leaf plates so friendly to the environment?

Palm plates are made in love with nature, only shredded palm leaves are used to make palm plates. And it so friendly to the environment as it is easily compostable and does not harm the environment in any way.



8. How can we compost the used Palm leaf plates?

Used palm leaf plates can be broken into small pieces and put in the composite pile and left over for 2 months. After that, we can use it as compost in the kitchen garden.



9. Are these products are coated with chemicals?

These are one hundred percent natural, no chemical coating added. It is safe for food consumption.



10.What are the different sizes available in these palm Plates and bowls?

We have the unique style and shapes available in palm leaf plates & bowls. We are providing as per the customer satisfaction for their food serving needs.