1. Easy to Handle and Dispose of
Palm Leaf Dinnerware is made from fallen leaves of the palm tree and they are just leaves turned to plates without any chemical interference in the manufacturing process.


rectangle palm leaf plate


2. These plates are highly sustainable

These plates are made without cutting any tree, as they are manufactured from the naturally fallen leaves of areca palm tree. So they are highly sustainable than other dinnerware.


go green

3. Compost Faster and Enrich the Soil Fertile

The used palm leaf dinnerware can be converted into fertilizer as these plates are decomposed with 5-8 weeks naturally. We can use the compost in our garden.


natural fertilizer


4. Strong and Sturdy

These plates are very strong and sturdy enough to hold both hot and cold food items. We can simply enjoy the food without worrying about the leakage. Even children can hold the plate conveniently.


disposable plate


5. Environment-Friendly and Affordable

These plates are planet friendly as they do not harm the environment from their manufacturing to till their disposal. They are cost effective when compared to other dinnerware.