If we are planning for a party in an eco-friendly way then we must go very simple. Starting from the invitation till the return gift, it should be natural and simple. Make sure each and everything we buy for the party must be eco-friendly. Minimize the use of paper and have the habit of inviting through online or in person. 

Party Decoration:
Decorate your party hall with the natural flowers and garland. Find products that are naturally derived or can degrade in a compost pile, rather than a landfill.

eco-friendly decoration

Party Favor:
To decorate, make use of the candles, flowers, and greenery found in your garden. Make use of the clothes for decorating the walls.

eco-friendly party candle


Dinner Table Setting:
Set your table with the natural burlap table topper for more elegant and rustic look. Use disposable plates, bowls, and cutleries for the dining. These natural products will make your dinner table awesome and you don't want to worry about the cleaning process because these are disposable. You can simply dispose of it in your composite pile.

eco-friendly dinner table


Return Gifts for your Guest:
You can gift the eco-friendly shopping totes made of jute or 100% organic cotton. These are a great alternative to plastic bags and can be used repeatedly. Both kids and adults will love to receive little pouches so you can gift the pouches made of clothes. Even you can make these pouches at home itself.

 eco-friendly gift

Be Eco-friendly!
So if you want to lower your carbon footprint, make your celebration more eco-friendly and simple. With all these little contributions towards reducing our carbon footprints, we can really have a big impact on the future generation for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.