Plastics – this world itself sounds unhealthy and it also has a deleterious impact on the environment around us. Some may be aware that the plastics are made up of the non-renewable resource such us crude oil and natural gas. But, many of us are still not aware of its ill effects. These plastics are produced by the conversion of natural products or by the synthesis of the primary chemicals which originates from oil, natural gas, or coal.

 Plastics & its Hazards

 The hazards plastics pose are many. The most prominent one being the land gets littered with the plastic bag garbage which is highly unhygienic. This sort of littering also paves the way to the reduction of rain water percolation rate. Moreover, the soil fertility also deteriorates as the plastic bags form a part of the manure remains in the soil for years together. These plastic wastes cause soil pollution and most of the animals are known to swallow these plastic bags, which sometimes resemble the jelly fish. The plastic waste also causes water pollution and don’t you think that it is our responsibility to safeguard our nature?


 One of the important or known features of plastic is its durability, which means it long lasts. A single plastic material can take up to 1000 years to decay completely. The plastics that we are using last long for decades begin to release toxic scraps of polyethylene film into the surrounding soil. Degradation of plastic begins with photo degradation which leads to thermo-oxidative degradation. Photo degradation is a very slow and toxic process, which breaks plastic materials into toxic components that contaminate both soil and water.

 The most common and dreadful chemicals in plastics are called as Bisphenol A. This compound is an endocrine disruptor which has the potential to mimic estrogen and has been linked with an array of afflictions as diverse as diabetes, breast cancer, thyroid disorders, infertility, erectile dysfunction, early-onset menstruation, obesity, and what not?

 After reading this article, will anyone be interested in using plastics? No, isn’t it? The alternative for the deadly plastics will be eco-friendly products.

 Eco-friendly palm leaf products are safe for your family members and also for the environment. No trees are cut during the manufacturing process, palm leaf plates are made from the hand-picked fallen palm leaves. The disposable palm leaf plates and bowls are 100% natural and also biodegradable which makes them a more environmentally friendly than other alternatives such as plastic plates, paper plates, etc... Besides, they are more solid, easier to recycle, and look catchy.

 Say ‘No to Plastics’ and Say ‘Yes to Eco-friendly Products’