The paper products are not more eco-friendly than the alternative products, because the manufacturing of these paper plates and other paper products includes the deforestation process, which is a forfeit to the environment.

Over 30 million acres of forest are destroyed annually. Nearly 93% of the paper we use is derived from trees. To meet the amplifying demand for paper, trees are being cut rapidly and we are faced with serious repercussions of deforestation.

How to make the most use of waste:
Recycled Paper Bags:

We can make use of recycled paper bags for shopping and storing. By recycling it we can avoid the unwanted landfills and reduce the waste dumping into the earth.

paper bag

Snowman with used Socks:

DIY showman with the help of used socks decorates your living room elegantly.

snow man

Make use of the waste glass items for decoration:

Make use of the plastic bottles as the flower vase and cut down the use of plastic bottles for a healthy environment

Plastic bottle flowervase

Wall hanging with waste cardboard:

We can decorate our wall with the carton box sheets. It looks very simple and elegant

cardboard wall hanging

Help to save the environment at the same time, encourage to create art from waste materials. Join us towards the race of eco-friendly living with Leaftrend