One of the trending eco-friendly materials used for disposables is Palm Leaf. Elegant and eco-friendly bowls and plates can be made just by collecting the sheaths of a palm tree, which naturally dry, fall, and regenerate all on their own.

Palm sheathes are always cleaned in fresh spring water, and the remains are totally renewable. The best part is that not a single tree is ever cut down and that the products are 100% compostable!

palm leaf dinnerware

They definitely bring a rustic look and feel to any event and are therefore perfect for outdoor events and restaurant ware. Microwavable, oven safe and leak proof, you can use them for any kind of food.

leaf plate

These Palm Leaf plates are perfect to serve hot and cold food with an elegant look

Disposable palm plate

Leaftrend aims to reduce the impact of plastic pollution by introducing the unique collection of palm leaf products at an affordable price. Join us and support the Eco-friendly living.

round palm leaf plate