Eco-friendly products are bio-degradable.The impact of using Eco-friendly products on environment is, Eco-friendly products do not harm the earth or environment and it will improves quality of living. They ensure the safety of families and the planet and ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals.

By using more environmentally safe products, we reduce pollution and contamination of the natural resources such as the air, water, and soil. There are many different types of Eco-friendly products such as Eco-friendly palm leaf plates and bowls,bamboo plates, sugarcane plates, jute products etc.



They are easily recyclable. Hence, reduces the exploitation of nature in general. Chemical reactions are involved in production process. so, reduces pollution.Using Eco-friendly products is a great way for each person to participate in the preservation of our planet and ecosystem. Each one ensures a quality product that is beneficial both to its users and the planet.