Palm leaf plates and bowls are 100% natural and easily disposable products which is one of the ways to lead our life in a healthy manner. These are made from fallen palm leaves. Palm leaf plates are stylish and unique. This is the best alternative product for other dinnerware.

These plates and bowls are fully organic. There is no coating, waxes or chemicals added to the surface of the plates and bowls. Palm leaf products are biodegradable and compostable.

Palm leaf plates and bowls are the perfect example of what our society needs while going eco-friendly.

Used in Various Occasions:

We can use palm plates and bowls for various functions like wedding, parties, chef's presentations, corporate events, and some religious ceremony.

Instead of using plastic plates and bowls and other ceramic plates, we could easily use palm plates on occasions.

Packing and Presentation:

We used palm bowls for packing a small amount of foods or other snack items, as well as we stored liquid items, ice creams, fruit salads. We also use these plates and bowls while picnic.

These are available in various shapes and size so we could use them for presents.


Palm plates and bowls are used in marriage decoration and parties and it makes the dinner table more elegant. These also used for home decoration. We can also use this as a temporary flower pot.


It used for garden mulch or dispose of with your waste you can use them as the compost for our kitchen garden. They can also be composed for nutrient- laden soil.

Make the most use of the eco-friendly products from Leaftrend and live a better life. Support green living with natural products. These are all about various usage of palm plates and bowls