Global warming, air pollution, water pollution and waste management are among the environmental issues, it is affect the living and non-living things. The following tips are how to go green and save earth.

Avoid Plastic products
Plastics are generally non-biodegradable. Plastic overwhelms landfills and seems to last forever. Now we worry about its detrimental effect on human health, especially when it's heated. Avoid plastic products, use organic products.

plastic and palm plate


Use Homemade Cleaning Products
Use homemade cleaning products which not only help the environment, but are better for your health.
Purify Air Naturally
Avoid air fresheners and expensive air purifiers.
A plant can clean the air and to save on energy consumption and prevent air pollution.
Use Reusable Bags
Avoid paper or plastic. Use jute and bamboo bag, it is a better replacement for paper & plastic bags.

reusable jute bags

Use Eco-friendly Products
Use organic disposable palm leaf plates, and sugarcane plates for your events, wedding and Parties.
Reuse the waste products in your garden, and home with innovative way.

Eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware